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Classes & Workshops

Below is our list of classes for the Fall 2023/24 season. You can view our health & wellness workshops here.

You can register for classes by using the form here.
God and The History of Art

This is an art history curriculum that provides opportunities for the children to practice the art styles throughout history. It especially draws attention to the idea of using art to glorify God. It starts with the ancient Greeks and Romans and continues through the Renaissance in part 1. Part 2 will continue on to the 20th century. It will cover the artist, period, or concept. Then the child will practice some type of art process using the information they just learned. Each semester is a 1/2 credit for high school; a total of 1 credit for the year. Students MUST take part one before moving on to part two.

Grades 8-12 ($600/60 classes)
Mondays & Thursdays 2:00 PM-3:30 PM
Part 1 - September 7-December 15
Part 2 - January 8-May 9
Botany & Bugs

Together, we will learn all about plants and the bugs that help and hinder their growth. We will be looking at cross sections under the microscope as well as performing some fun experiments to better understand the plants and bugs all around us! This is an excellent beginner course to gardening for the younger generation. We recommend that Moms and Dads involved in our Garden Club get their children involved by enrolling their children in this class. That way, all can learn together at their own level.

Ages 6+ ($60/6 classes)
Tuesdays 1:00 PM-2:00 PM
October 3-November 7
Where the Brook and River Meet
History/Literature/Grammar/Fine Arts/Social Studies/Physical Education

Through varied, thought-provoking activities that stimulate interest and inquiry, students will explore the events and thinking during the 1880s. Combining elements of the classical education of Anne’s day—dictation, recitation, memorization, essay writing—with the interdisciplinary approach of today—use of primary documents, field trips, hands-on projects—this study will challenge students to reflect on the historical issues of the Victorian day as well as the personal challenges of growing up.

While following the lively, imaginative Anne into young womanhood, students will be led to look at their own journey into maturity. From discussions of self-acceptance, appearance, friendship, and romance, they will move beyond to reflect on character-building questions. What does it take to be a good friend? What should be the topic of our conversations? What are the effects of unforgiveness? For, at the heart of this study is the author’s desire to see young women grow into the grace of womanhood and the fruitfulness of the Lord.

This interdisciplinary curriculum is designed primarily for high school students. It is a full academic year program which covers a number of subject areas: literature, history, writing, grammar, fine arts, social studies, Bible, religion, occupational education, and health. Students will be exposed to many aspects of these subjects including the opera and visual arts of the period; literature from many eras; poetry appreciation; a woman’s role in society; information on the nature, prevention, and care of diseases; the attitude of service to the sick and injured as well as the less fortunate. Separate mathematics and laboratory science programs should be added to round out the curriculum by the parents.

Grades 7th-8th ($5,000/year)
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
1st Semester - September 5-December 15
2nd Semester - January 8-May 10
Colonial Etiquette & Homemaking

Our Colonial Etiquette class teaches students the etiquette and history of the Colonial period as well as important homemaking skills. Students will be able to dress the part with traditional costumes provided as they learn how to take and serve tea, basic cooking/baking skills, cross stitch and sewing, Colonial dancing, gardening, art, games, literature and character building! They will be stepping into a time in history where life was simpler and femininity admired. These skills are what we desire to bring back in the lives of young women. We will be using the Beautiful Girlhood book as an outline for the character building portion of our teaching.

Ages 10-12 ($360/12 weeks)
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
October 3rd - November 9th

We also offer a la carte classes upon request. Our most popular are science, history, literature, and art. We teach a variety of ages/grades so if you would like to see a certain class, please contact us for details.
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