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Our desire is that everyone who enters The Cozy Place feels warm and cared for the entire time they are here. We have practiced hospitality through food, drink, and teaching for many years.

The Cozy Place is a family-run business that utilizes each of our individual talents to provide you with a well-rounded approach to wellness. This includes not only your physical needs but spiritual and emotional as well. We are mindful of this with everything that we offer.

The matriarch of our family, and original founder, Deidra, has a heart for people to have times of rest and fun. She provides this positive, peaceful, and joyful atmosphere in her tea room with special events and daily teas. She also hosts a bi-monthly garden club, teaches regular workshops and homeschool classes, and is in the process of starting a business in edible landscaping. Her love for hospitality inspires her to bring people together for fun, fellowship, and inspiration.

Our family's patriarch, Stephen, works with Deidra to establish the edible landscaping that provides for the tea room and future café.

Julia is our resident artist with a passion for the creative and imaginative. An avid reader, she runs our bookstore along with Amanda under the business, A Tale of Two Sisters (@ataleoftwo.sisters on Instagram). Books are treasures and she loves sharing her love of books with others. You can view her art here: Artbyjules

Amanda is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Specialist who works with children and adults to restore their overall health and well being through nutrition. She also partners with Julia to create lovely, literary-themed teas for their business, A Tale of Two Sisters. You can view her website here: La Belle Vie Fitness & Dance

You can shop A Tale of Two Sisters here: Etsy

Amanda also teaches dance and acts as director and head choreographer over at La Belle Vie Dance Co. Beginning this year, Amanda will be teaching literature, history, and science classes through the Homeschool Support Academy.

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