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The Cozy Place Academy

We are a hybrid, one-room schoolhouse that offers homeschool support for parents by offering individualized and comprehensive educational classes. We aspire to incorporate Philippians 4:8 – whatsoever is lovely, pure, virtuous, and praiseworthy – into our teaching practices to help support parents in raising a generation of confident and responsible children with strong foundations in education, values, and faith.

The Cozy Place Academy offers a flexible learning environment where students can progress at their own pace. The curriculum is individualized and focused on preparing students for future employment, civic involvement, and pursuing personal goals and interests. It is not based on one specific educational method but a combination of varied programs that we find superior. Students will receive a comprehensive education in history, literature, sciences, social studies, leadership, Bible, and home economics.

Above all, we believe that the parent’s right to be an integral force in their child’s education is first and foremost, and that children are ultimately accountable to their parents and to God for their learning and behavior. We are here to support parents in the education of their children in any way we can.

Our academy uses a multi-age, competency-based approach to education and instruction. All students progress based on mastery of levels rather than by grade or age level. They will learn through small group instruction as well as self-guided learning. Individualized assignments are given at each student’s academic level.

Science Class

What We Do

The Cozy Place Homeschool Academy is a homeschool support organization seeking to assist families in their homeschool endeavors. Although we have a drop-off component to our program, students are required to fill the rest of their homeschool hours at home. Our academy does not offer mathematics, grammar, or foreign language.

Our classes take place Mondays-Thursdays with electives on Fridays. We focus on social studies/history, literature study, and science. A full list of classes is below along with pricing and their schedule.

Literature Study: Includes reading and analysis of specific books and their authors, time period, geography, and underlying themes. Students will be writing book reports and analysis on the books they read which will incorporate some spelling and vocabulary. Handwriting (cursive), oration, and dictation are also practiced during this period.

Wednesdays & Thursdays 11:15-12:15

Books & Materials ≤$60 (parents will receive a necessary materials list upon registration and acceptance)

$800 per student


Social Studies and History: Bible-based curriculum focused on principles of freedom, God, civics, character, and traditional principles of government. History spans from ancient history to modern history, stopping at different points each year for an in-depth unit study. Students will build their own timeline of history and will be required to write an end-of-year research paper based on what they have learned. For the 2024/25 season, we will be utilizing From Adam to Us curriculum from Notgrass.

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays 9:30-11:00

$1,050 per student

Books & Materials ≤$100 (parents will receive a necessary materials list upon registration and acceptance)


Science: Multi-age, classroom-style curriculum focusing on hands-on unit studies in the areas of Physical science, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Earth science, Space science, and Anatomy/Physiology. Units are taught with adaptable assignments across age and ability and will include experiments to help students understand what they learn. For the 2024/25 season, we will be studying Human Anatomy and Physiology using Apologia curriculum.

Mondays & Tuesdays 11:15-12:15

$950 per student

Books & Materials ≤$60 (parents will receive a necessary materials list upon registration and acceptance)


Field Trips: Offered either monthly or bi-monthly and will coordinate with either the science or history unit studies.

Elective/AP courses (12 week-full school year/2 semesters):

  • God and The History of Art (high school)

  • Shakespeare Study (high school)

  • Music Theory

  • Colonial Etiquette & Homemaking

  • 1930s Journalism (high school)

  • American Sign Language

  • General Art



We require an annual $25 registration fee per student to reserve the student's spot for the upcoming school year. This fee is non-refundable. You can register here.

Books and materials: This fee depends on the level of the student and whether they are attending both regular school days and electives or just one or the other. The exact fee will be determined after placement testing and any AP class selections. Every effort will be made to make this fee as affordable as possible. Books and materials for both regular and elective classes will be less or equal to $200 per year. This covers all books and learning materials. At your student’s level evaluation, parents will be directed as to what curriculum materials to buy. If parents already own the materials required, this fee will go down or will be waived.

Tuition: $800-$1,050 per school year.

Elective Cluster (12 weeks-full school year/2 semesters) $200 – $600 per school year.

Meet The Team


Application Process

Enrollment is open to all students grades 3rd-8th and is based on classroom availability. An application must be submitted to the Education Director with the non-refundable application fee. Applications for the upcoming school year can be submitted beginning February 1st.


To be considered for The Cozy Place Academy, a $25 non-refundable fee must accompany the application. The Education Director will review the application and the applicants will be notified within two weeks of the submission if it has been accepted. Upon notification, applicants will be provided with the enrollment packet, which must be completed.

The Cozy Place Academy registration includes a document that must be completely filled out and signed by the student's guardian, report cards from previous years (including essays, reports, and testing), graded writing sample, list of extracurricular activities, and attendance at our open house on June 15, 2024 (details will be available soon).

Because we are only taking 10 students for the 2024-2025 school year, we will add prospective students to a waiting list for the next school year or in case a student decides to drop out.

Register Your Student

To register your student(s), please pay the registration fee using the button below (if we do not receive payment along with the application, the application will not be accepted) and fill out the form below, emailing it to along with the following:

  • Report cards from previous years (including essays, reports, and testing)

  • Graded writing sample

  • List of extracurricular activities

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!

We are currently working on our online payment options. Right now, we have Venmo, check, or cash.

Venmo: The Cozy Place (@cozyplace)

Checks: Providence Arts LLC

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