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Where the Brook and River Meet

  • 1 h
  • 3,000 US dollars
  • Lake Drive

Service Description

Through varied, thought-provoking activities that stimulate interest and inquiry, they will explore the events and thinking of the time. Combining elements of the classical education of Anne’s day—dictation, recitation, memorization, essay writing—with the interdisciplinary approach of today—use of primary documents, field trips, hands-on projects—this study will challenge students to reflect on the historical issues of the Victorian day as well as the personal challenges of growing up. While following the lively, imaginative Anne into young womanhood, students will be led to look at their own journey into maturity. From discussions of self-acceptance, appearance, friendship, and romance, they will move beyond to reflect on character-building questions. What does it take to be a good friend? What should be the topic of our conversations? What are the effects of unforgivingness? For, at the heart of this study is the author’s desire to see young women grow into the grace of womanhood and the fruitfulness of the Lord. This interdisciplinary curriculum is designed primarily for high school students. It is a full academic year program which covers a number of subject areas: literature, history, writing, grammar, fine arts, social studies, Bible, religion, occupational education, and health. Students will be exposed to many aspects of these subjects including the opera and visual arts of the period; literature from many eras; poetry appreciation; a woman’s role in society; information on the nature, prevention, and care of diseases; the attitude of service to the sick and injured as well as the less fortunate. In keeping with the spirit of the Victorian age, a one-year course in Latin is suggested. Separate mathematics and laboratory science programs should be added to round out the curriculum. 1 year

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  • 119 Lake Dr, Laurel, DE, USA

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